Help Helena McDermott find a living kidney donor.

Helena’s Story

Helena McDermott is a Wantagh mom of two elementary school aged children who is in need of a lifesaving kidney transplant and time is quickly running out.  We are hoping for a hero to step up to be a living donor.

Diagnosed with a rare disease called IgA nephropathy as a child, Helena had her first living donor transplant 13 years ago. Everything was going great until a random blood infection last spring, which rapidly put her into renal failure. In the years since her transplant, Helena was able to have two beautiful children with her loving and supportive husband Chuck and live life to the fullest.  More than anything, she wants to be able to continue raising them to adulthood. This can only be possible with your help.

We would like to find a living donor before Helena has to go on dialysis for a better outcome (dialysis can sustain life temporarily but is not a long term solution). We know this is a BIG ASK for the right kind of hero, but it greatly increases Helena’s chances for long term survival since a kidney from a living donor typically lasts longer and has better function. Helena takes impeccable care of her body, walks daily, eats well and does not smoke. She will make sure to take great care of any kidney she receives. In NYS there is a critical shortage and the wait can be about 8-10 years for an organ. We unfortunately don’t have that kind of time.

We know that becoming a living donor is a big decision that requires careful consideration and we can help direct you to several resources and help answer any questions. If you are not a complete match, there are other options such as a voucher system or kidney chain. This system allows you to donate your kidney to someone that is compatible and Helena is then prioritized for a living kidney donation.

As her initial donor in 2008, I had a very quick and easy recovery, took only Tylenol, was back at work in 2.5 weeks, and have given birth to two of my own children since. Donating a kidney is the greatest honor of my life. The more people that volunteer to get screened, the better chance we have of finding a match that can save Helena’s life and let her watch her kids grow up.

Please consider helping this mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend a chance at life by being a living kidney donor. If you are willing to get screened to donate, please call Northwell Health Manhasset at (516) 562-0550. You will be saving a life, and you will bring new meaning to yours. All costs are covered under HELENA’S insurance.

How You Can Help

To be screened to donate a kidney to Helena, please call Northwell Manhasset at (516) 562-0550

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Donate a kidney to Helena

If you can be Helena’s hero, please contact the Northwell Manhasset transplant coordination team at (516) 562-0550. Even if you are not a direct match, donating to a voucher system will ensure Helena is prioritized for a future living kidney donation.

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